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Eekifoods, is founded by two IIT Bombay graduates with a vision to change how vegetables are grown and develop the eeki agritech platform which will work for decades to come. Grow the best quality of vegetables there can be, throughout India. Vegetables are grown and sold locally under the brand name of “EEKI FOODS” in the city, providing traceability & authenticity as well as the “farm to fork” experience to the end-customers. The objective is achieved by setting up farms with a farm-partner across on outskirts of major urban areas of India. These farms produce high-quality residue-free fruits and vegetables using our IOT enabled completely medium-less growing technology. “We are not consultants. We are growers, the technology enablers.”

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Email: info@eekifoods.com  Phone: +91-916-794-1572
E-44 , Gyan Sarovar Colony  Kota-Bundi Road
Kunhadi ,Kota, Rajasthan -324008

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